Savage Gear softbaits - testing day 2

Actualizado: 17 de abr de 2020

After our fishing day with Dimitri on Monday, Ruud and I hit the road again on Tuesday to do a more extensive test of our newly acquired Savage Gear softbaits and to train for both Predator Tour 2019 and LureMasters 2019 where we will compete this year.

There will be practically no wind today so that gives us the opportunity to go after zander in the open waters of Hollands Deep.

As mentioned, Ruud and I received some new toys to try out.

Save Gear will be sponsoring us during the competitions so we are going to see how this works on zander. The bigger baits we will be reserving for the pike and that is for another day.

It's a little bit misty this morning and perhaps that's why there are not many boats on the water. And by the looks of it, there are also not many fish in the water. It takes us an hour to get a first bite! A zander hits the green cannibal shad (right side of the picture third one from below) hard! For a moment he stays on, but then I loose the fish.

Unfortunately it's the only action we get at this spot so it's time to move on.

It takes us one and a half hour to get the next bite but this little fellow stays on and comes on board for a quick picture.

It seems we found the fish, as we are getting more and more bites, but the fish don't stay on. We find a spot where het bottom drops from 2 meters to 7 meters and this is where the next fish attacks my lure. A little pike is barely hooked but just enough to pose for us.

And after the pike it's snack time. Or at least, now the zanders take the shads and hook themselves.

Nothing big, but we are enjoying ourselves. There is almost no wind and that allows us to very carefully fish the bottom while drifting.

Although the fish are here, we want to check out another spot for big perch. We manage to leave the zander behind and go upstream. Long story short, not good. No perch, only one small pike for Ruud.

Better fish for zander again. We go over to the other side of the water where it's deeper and start fishing for zander again where we effectively catch a few mini zander. Ruud spots some bigger fish on his sonar and is trying to capture his lure in the sonar and specifally target those fish. After ten minutes of staring at the screen he turns to me to tell me that it's no success. And of course, that's the moment the fish strikes. A big, rather ugly, perch took a fat minnow tail shad. (Ruud's second 45+ perch in two days!)

It will be the best fish we catch today. After the perch we catch more zanders and two pikes but there aren't any monsters for us today. Sure, I get one take from a fish that at least feels like a very good zander, but that one comes off after a few seconds. Too bad, but all in all we had a very nice day. 18 fishes, three species, a good time. Already looking forward for our next trip.

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