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Actualizado: 17 de abr de 2020

In order to deliver maximum quality to our customers we just upgraded our Crestliner with Garmin's new #livescope technology. Being able to see fish actually swim on the spot where you're fishing is just too crazy. And after a few days of testing I can tell you that it works. Last friday Ruud and I started our fishing day out on the river and already on the first spot the livescope delivered.

Already on the first cast I am playing a little with the lure under the boat as suddenly the screen under the boat lits up brightly. Before I can even tell Ruud to look at the screen I get a huge bang on my rod. I don't know how, but the fish manages to miss the hook completely. I don't care too much because the image on the livescope was so great to watch. On the next cast I do exactly the same and again when I let the lure go up and down a little under the boat, the fish makes another go for it and this time the pike is hooked. No show on the livescope, but the fish enters the boat.

Once more proof that the strength of the strike hasn't got anything to do with the size of the fish

We dont'see anymore fish on the fishfinder and we also aren't getting any action so we drift along in search of fish. At the next stop we don't see fish either, but that doesn't stop Ruud. In about half an hour time he lands a series of nice zander. A reminder for us that we can't trust blindely on the livescope. Even if the finder doesn't show fish it doesn't mean that they can't be there.

The wind picks up and starts pushing us away from the banks where we are fishing. It's getting harder and harder for me to control the boat. We start the engine and go to another river where we face the wind more upfront so it's easier to control the boat. Unfortunately the fish don't seem to be at home at that part of the river. The livescope shows little movement and we also can't get any action on our lures.

The Moerdijk bridge is a very popular fishing spot where always lots of boats are fishing for zander. We don't like it very much over there, but today there are almost no other anglers on the water and perhaps it's good to see how the livescope performs over there. We are curious if we can spot fish on screen.

We first drive around a litte and the images we get are more than promising; bait fish like on this image is swimming around everywhere

As we want our fish to live long and healthy lives we move to a little less shalower water than the 14 meters shown on the picture and start fishing. Again is doesn't take Ruud very long to catch a pike with megalomania.

After this pike I join the fishing again as well. First I manage to miss a few, buth then we are both getting strike after strike and we are catching zanders. No big ones, but big fun nevertheless!. When I am drilling a small zander Ruud mentions that he has a big one on the other end of his rod. I am making fun of him, as he always says he has a big one on and then shows the most tiny fish you can imagine, but this time he insists a lot. I still don't believe it and tell him to hurry up so we can take a picture with both the fishes. But Ruud is telling no lie as a very fat beautiful zander surfaces.

It's those fish that really make a day rewarding. Catching a lot of fish is nice, but it's even nicer when a good one comes saying hello.

The fishing continues being good. We drift around on a small spot and fish keep coming up.

No big ones anymore.... unfortunately.

Right now we are having 28 fishes on the counter and about half an hour of fishing left. It certainly would be nice if we could get the counter up to 30 fishes. It's just too bad that at this point I try to let the boat drift on the wind....... because I lose control of the boat, it turns, I press the wrong button on the Minnkota and all my line quickly rushes directly into the trolling motor &*%&*#$%#$##!!!!!!!!!

20 minutes later and with 20 meters less line on my reel we now have only 10 minutes left to catch the last two fishes. First cast...a small zander...... only one more to go. With two minutes left to go I decide to spped jig my shad over the bottom, bang! a small perch hits the lure. Great! We completed our 30 fishes and with this small perchy we even have a grand slam.

What a fantastic day of fishing it was.

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