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Actualizado: 28 de ene de 2019

Ups and downs characterize our last attempts. It has been bitter cold (last week we couldn't go out due to all the ice) and yesterday temperatures reached 17 degrees Celsius! But first things first, about three weeks ago we had a pretty nice day at the Amer. It was sunny, cold and a hard days work resulted in a zander, a bream...., two small pike and a very, very, very fat perch! (We also fished the fireball (first time for me) and I actually got a take, but of course as soon as I sensed a pike take the roach I smashed it out of his mouth so no success on the fireball there.)

And also, unfortunately, all pictures we took were overlighted so it's hard to even see the fish.

If you clook closely you can see the resume of this day in the slideshow below.

The next planned trip was a trip with, for the first time, all members of PerchHunters fishing together. The 28th of February was marked by Ruud, Dimitri and myself in our respective agendas. Unfortunately, the 28th turned out to be one of the freeziest days of all winter..... better luck next time.....

Last Tuesday, Ruud and I took off to Hollands Deep. With two weeks of no fishing in between we were very anxious to catch some fish.

And look at the weather, what a promising view:

But the day remained promising, and nothing more, because we blanked.... both!

It was so quiet that Ruud even managed to work during the fishing.

Extremely unsatisfied with the results of tuesday, Ruud and I decided to give it another try on Friday. But this time we go to the Maas..... we need to catch fish... no matter what.

We start with the fireball. I know a good spot where I already caught lots of pike and zander, so we start over there. Within minutes Ruud gets a take, but the fish just nibbles the roach and there's not even a possibility to set the hook. We continue the drift and after half an hour or so Ruud announces another fish: 21,22,23..... strike! A fat pregnant zander of 67 cm is the first fish of the day.

We continue fishing the same spot but no the fish don't show themselves anymore. New spot, new chances. I switch to a worm, as the fireball doesn't bring me anything, and after ten minutes or so I get a good take and another pregnant zander (64 cm this time) is the second fish to be landed.

But again, after one fish everything seems to die out as nothing happens anymore.

We switch to the fireball and back, go look for fish up the river and try some other lakes nearby.

The day is passing and again we don't seem to be able to find the fish. The maffia however is on patrol and quite aggresively they demand food.

And they are quite persistent as well. For about an hour they keep circling around the boat and threatening to even enter it.

There is only a one and a half hour left and we decide to go back to the place we started in the morning. Ruud takes out the fireball again and I start dragging a little shad over the bottom. Bang! finally, a zander. Again 60+ and again filled with eggs.

I look a little serious but I was quite happy with this fish. And a little bit later, bang again! and another zander enters the boat. The smallest of the day but still a good 50 cm.

After this fish Ruud also sends the fireball with retirement and we both fish with shads and we both get strikes .... but we miss the fish. Untill...... Ruud finishes the day with a real bonus fish. After a miss or two, I hear 'Yes!" and see that this time the fish is hooked. And it becomes very quickly very clear that it's a pike...... and on this rod Ruud didn't put a steel wire (in contrast to the fireball......) The fish stays under for a very long time and I prepare the net. THe first time the pike surfaces we guide her rapidly into the net... and not a second too early. She swallowed the shad completely and one head shake would have cut the line. Luckily for us she decides to do that only after she was netted.

A 107 cm fat pike ..... a great fish to end the day with.

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