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Actualizado: 28 de ene de 2019

If you are a fan of Perchpro on Kanalgratis' Youtube-channel (Episode 1) you surely saw team Gunki on the first day catch big perch in Holland. They have the same base as I do for hunting the Volkerak perch. A few weeks back I spent some time chasing perch and I can asure you, in winter it's quite tough to find them. But perseverance can be extremely rewarding as well!

It's gloomy when I leave in the morning. I start fishing out my hotspots but action stays out. Nothing happens. My fishfinder also shows only empty screens. I know, this doesn't necessarily mean that there is no fish, but lack of action and no images make me at believe that the fish is not where I am fishing.

I am not the only one on the water. There are about six boats more fishing near me, but they are all fishing extremely deep; up to 20 meters or so. I don't feel comfortable doing the same, but I steer the boat over deeper parts to see if anything shows up on the radar. And it does..... I spot lots of fish but all over 17 meters of depth. I resist the temptation and move to a slope where I can fish at around 10 meters not far from the deeper parts. Hopefully I can persuade some fish to take my lure over there.

I've been fishing softbaits the whole day but after a while I change to a little pilker. Perhaps that will get me some action. Ankered near a big pole in the water I keep hammering the pilker on the same spot for about 15 minutes. Yes, a small perch finally falls for my lure. Not a blank!

But this will be the only fish for this day......

The next day, the weather looks a bit friendlier. I just hope that the fish also will be.

First I fish a buoy that has delivered me lots of fish in the past. But today it's hopeless again. After one and half hour of intense fishing again nothing happend. I decide to go to the same spot as the day before and now at least I see fish on the radar. Lots of fish, probably very small perch........ and it doesn't take long to prove me right. Two ferocious warrios went for my pilker.

I continue fishing, because when there is small fish there should be big fish........ but today this theory doesn't seem to be correct.

Sometimes I catch one of those little perch, but that's it. I turn to bigger softbaits again to see if that helps, but it only results in catching nothing at all anymore.

Once more a big school of perch shows up on the radar and I decide to give it one last try with the pilker before moving over to another spot.

The pilker drops to the ground and as soon as I lift it from the ground it is stopped. Yes!, finally my efforts pay off. A nice perch that gives a good fight comes into the boat. It's a fat one.

After this one I hope I will be able to catch some more, but that hope is idle. All interest for my lure, from both big and small perch, is lost.

Time to try something else. Wind is picking up a little so I move over to the shore and try to cast near the stony edges. I have put on a Westin shadteez and fish it in quite aggresive. And after the third cast..... BANG! Something good has taken my bait, and according to the headshakes it's a perch. The fish takes some good runs but is then ready to be landed. A beautifully greendark colored 48 cm perch! What a fish to end the hunt.

It was tough, I had to fish hard, but in the end it paid off with a big fat Volkerak Perch!

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