Getting started.... to train

The first weekend of June 2018... that's still far away, but for us, angling obsessed fools, it's a date that will arrive rapidly. Next year, me and Ruud will for the first time participate in a real fishing competition: the Predatortour 2018...... as team 104.

Needless to say we are already anxious to fish. The rules of engagement are:

• Points can be earned as team over the total of three competition days. • You need to catch 3 predator fish in the following numbers: 3 Pikes, 3 Zanders and 3 Perch to qualify for the end ranking. You need to "fill the lines" of all 3 species. If you have 3 pikes, 2 zander and 1 perch, the perch won't count because you miss your third zander. • The points are determined by the length of the fish. (1 point per cm) • The 3 biggest Pikes, the 3 biggest Zanders, and the 3 biggest Perch will count for the ranking.

Our goal is to at least 'fill the lines' and in order to do that we will start our training next week. Stay tuned for our first results.

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